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About the POASC Board
In 1991 the Property Owners Association of Spanish Cove (POASC) was established as a non-profit Alabama Corporation to acquire the common areas, including two clubhouses, recreational facilities, wilderness areas and roads.
A 9-member elected Board of Directors is charged with the maintenance, repair, renovation and restoration of these amenities for the property owners. A yearly assessment (currently less than $700) is budgeted to provide these services. Board members are limited to serve two consecutive three-year terms. Three members are elected by the membership each year. Term expires March 31 of the year in brackets below. Restrictive Covenants that run with the land provide land use requirements for property owners. Speed limits, rules for use of the amenities and other regulations are established by the Board of Directors to provide a harmonious atmosphere for all.
Committees chaired by members of the Board of Directors include Activities, Communications, Finance, Plans Development and Maintenance (PDM), Rules and Administration, and Safety and Roads and Drainage.  By POASC ByLaws, no board member serves on the Nominations and Elections Committee or the Internal Review Committee, although the Chair of the Board appoints those committee chairs.  The POASC Board Chair also appoints a Regional Concerns representative who serves as liaison with local, county and state authorities. 
The POASC Board meets at 9 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month as needed for a Working Session.  The Regular Meeting of the POASC Board takes place at 6:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month.  All POASC Board meetings are held at the Cove Clubhouse.  Spanish Cove property owners are always encouraged to attend these meetings and voice their opinions and ideas.
  • Board Officers
Art Normandeau (2020)
Art and his wife, France, visited old friends here in April 2014 and fell in love with the area. Within four days of their visit, they purchased their home and moved from New York in June of that year.
Over the past two years, he has been involved in the Cove Roads/Drainage and Safety Committee as well as the Finance Committee.
Art is a 33 year veteran of the US Army and reached rank of Sergeant Major, working in logistics in the 42nd Infantry Division. He helped develop procedures for supply sergeants to manage unit logistic budgets and supplies, including ethics classes. During his last five years in service, Art assisted the merging of seven states into the National Guard’s 42nd Division for mobilization to Iraq.
Before his retirement to Alabama, he was a school bus driver for special needs children, which, he says, turned out to be a rewarding experience.

Vice Chairman

PDM Committee Chair

Carl Lee (2021)

I have been married for 48 years. We have one daughter and 3 grandchildren.

I retired from AT & T after 32 years. I am a member of the First Baptist Church. 

I enjoy reading and time at the beach.

Don Mau (2020)
Don and his wife of 43 years, Dottie, discovered the Cove while RV’ing in Elberta. In 2013, they moved here. They were especially pleased to know that the Cove offered 24-hour security. Don’s background is in Law Enforcement and Criminology. He served in the U.S. Air Force, Security Police and also 22 years as a California Law Enforcement Officer. For 17 years he was a Real Estate Sales Associate. He enjoys boating with friends and simply enjoying the Cove. His intent is to maintain the smooth operation of the Cove, be fiscally conservative, and represent the homeowners to the best of his ability. He was on the Safety/Roads & Drainage Committee as well as the Rules Committee.
Assistant Treasurer
Finance Committee Chair
Lynn Neff (2020)
Lynn and Judy became residents of the Cove in 2008 after years of visiting the area.  A love of the outdoors earned Lynn a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from Purdue University in 1967.  After Viet Nam, Lynn met Judy in Arizona and they married in 1971. Three sons and 9 states later they say they have landed in paradise and are through moving. The first 15 years of his 35 year career saw them living in very remote stations in AZ and NM.  Deciding their sons needed to know a little about city life, they moved to Northern VA.  During this time, Judy pursued a career as a travel agent. The last 15 years of his career, He was Forest Supervisor of the Ozark – St Francis and Kisatchie National Forests.  He was a member of the Finance and Roads/Drainage and Safety Committees. As his POASC Board assignment, he is the Assistant Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee.  He has volunteered for many Cove and community activities.  Working together and wisely using our limited resources is Lynn’s priority for the Cove.
Johnny Haun (2022)

We had a family friend that had some property here in Spanish Cove and let us come visit for small trips to get away. We fell in love with this little community and moved down after I retired.


My interests include spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy watching college football, Wahoo’s baseball and antique car shows.



Assistant Secretary 
Rules / Administrative Committee Chair                   
Dodd Bouchillon (2022)
While traveling to the coast for a getaway weekend in 2014, Dodd and Sheila discovered Spanish Cove and fell in love with it and all of its amenities.  Within that weekend, they found their home and put down a purchase contract.  Before they moved to the Cove permanently, Dodd and Sheila spent one weekend each month and several weeks of the year participating in the offerings of the Cove, such as the Caribbean Cruise, Bingo, and other events.  Dodd is a retired US Army Signal Officer and a retired Federal Civil Service Cyber Security Supervisor.  His hobbies include golf, saltwater fishing, and just enjoying retired life. Dodd's mission as a Board member is to represent all residents and owners in all efforts to maintain and improve the quality of life that we enjoy here in the Cove. He is willing to serve and intend to be accessible by anyone that needs his attention and assistance.
• Board Directors
Communication Committee Chair
Sharon Hicks (2021)
Hello Spanish Cove Neighbors, I look forward to getting to know you and serving on the board is a means to make a positive contribution.

I was born in Detroit Michigan. My parents were from England and Scotland. They became US citizens a year after I was born. My family relocated to Ohio which I attended High School and College. Married for 37 years now and have two grown children. They have blessed us with four wonderful grandchildren. My parents installed the love to travel and I have fond childhood memories of spending summers in the UK.

I have the love to fish and swim. So, Yes you will see me at the pool and pier on a daily basis. My hubby recently retired from law enforcement and has taken over the tv. I’m signing him up for swim lessons so he can join me at the pool.

 I retired from the Baldwin County Commission eight years ago. I was a case manager for the Senior program till I was offered a position with our tax assessor, Phil Nix. I grew as an individual by volunteering with various nonprofits such as the Optimist Club. And with the love of people I look forward to serving on the board. I feel we have an awesome board and staff this year. We are blessed!



Activities Committee Chair

Gordon Lett (2022)



I am Gordon Lett and live at 1156 Ridgewood Drive in Spanish Cove. I was born and raised in N.W. Ohio where I graduated from high school, then entered the U.S. Air Force for 4 years. After completing my 4-year requirement, I attended Tri State College “now Trine University” completing a drafting and design course. At 26 I married my wife Winona Kay of 52 years and leased my 1st roller skating rink. After 3 years I then purchased our first rink and went on to purchase our 2nd rink several years later. We ran skating rinks for 18 years. At 45 we moved to Indian River Michigan where I was plant foreman, school bus driver and along with my wife drove semi-trucks for 6 years. In the year 2000 my wife and I were named drivers of the year for Gainey Transportation out of 1200 drivers.

                  In 2005 we started coming South to the Foley area. In 2014 we purchased our home on Ridgewood Drive. That was the best move we ever made. For us the Cove is a good fit. I have participated in many Cove projects and activities. I served on the Roads and Drainage committee and also the Communications Committee. I have helped in putting up the dome and taking down of the dome over the pool, also I have helped decorate for Christmas. I also deliver the monthly update in our area. I have also served on the Elections Committee.        

                My other interests are swimming, walking “I’m the guy in the orange shorts and bright green shirt”. I also enjoy woodworking and fishing. I also enjoy letting my dog, Charley, take me for a walk. I am a member of the Lillian Fellowship Church here in the cove.


Roads/Drainage and Safety Committee Chair                               
Joan Fletcher (2021)            

I will try to give you the short version of my 85 years!

I am originally from Michigan.  My late husband, Jim and I lived in Jackson, Michigan for 33 years raising our own 5 children and also many foster children who needed a loving home after spending time in a juvenile facility.

During my “working life” I was employed as Teacher’s Aid, as a food service worker, and bartender, in addition to being a wife and Mom.

In 1986 we made the move South and spent the next 10 years living and working on Perdido Key.  Together, we managed a 72 unit condominium complex.  Our responsibilities included pretty much everything.  This experience gave me a wide ranging understanding of property management which served me well during my previous tenure on the Board for POASC.

More recently, during my retirement years I have taken charge of the 8am Aqua Dynamics class.  As long as the weather is good you will find me outside tending to my yard.  I have always enjoyed working outside and feel blessed to enjoy great health, which allows me to continue taking care of my home and property.

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