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Communications Committee

Sharon Hicks - Chair
Dottie Mau-Co-Chair
Communication Committee Members: 
Dante Bennett, Sharon Cawood, Dave Danson, Susan Jones, Pat Kupferer, Sally McKinney, France Normandeau, Shannon Orso, Tammy Robinson, Ken Stewart and Doyce Turner 

Meets 1st Friday at 9 a.m. - Office Conference Room 
September meeting has been cancelled.
Agenda          Minutes

Archive Minutes 2020-2021
April (no meeting)    October
May (no meeting)     November
June                         December
July                          January
August                      February
September                March

Archive Minutes 2019-2020
April                          October (no meeting)
May                           November (no meeting)
June(no meeting)      December (no meeting)
July                            January (no meeting)
August(no meeting)   February (no meeting)
September                  March (no meeting)

Archive Minutes 2018-2019
April                  October                 Annual Report
May                   November
June                  December
July                   January
August               February
September         March

Archive Minutes 2017-2018
April (no meeting)     October
May                            November
June                           December
July                            January
August                       February
September                 March

Archive Minutes 2016-2017
April                                   October
May                                    November
June                                   December
July                                    January
August                                February
September(No Meeting)        March

Archive Minutes 2015-2016
April                       October(No Meeting)
May                        November
June(No Meeting)     December
July                         January
August                    February
September               March

The purpose of the Committee is to inform the POASC membership and/or the public, of official POASC business and events and to ensure unified branding for Spanish Cove Communications. The
UPDATE, Town Crier, and are the official public voices for Spanish Cove and POASC. Any official information should be released through any or all of the aforementioned. The Communications Committee in cooperation with the Operations Manager produces the following:
  • UPDATE: The printed monthly publication to inform property owners of Spanish Cove about Committee and POASC Board actions and of social activities.
  • Town Crier: The official email notification to POASC members about official business and events around the Cove.
  • Official website containing pertinent and extensive information including official POASC documents.
  • Spanish Cove Welcome Packets: A compilation of information pertinent to daily life in Spanish Cove, distributed to new property owners.
  • Official social media page to keep Spanish Cove residents and friends updated on a timely basis.