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Pool Rules

We want all property owners and their guests to have an enjoyable experience at our pool.  We ask that you respect this rules as you enjoy this beautiful amenity.
  • All persons using pool do so at your own risk. POASC is not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • No children under 16 years of age are allowed in pool area unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. You must be a property owner to sponsor a guest.
  • Children in diapers must wear swimmers in pool. (Swimmers are available at the pool office.)
  • No diving or jumping from sides of pool.
  • No running in pool area.
  • No glass containers allowed in pool area.
  • No eating or drinking of beverages while in water.
  • No horseplay, excessive noise or boisterous activity allowed in pool area.
  • Eating on pool deck limited to light snacks and must be consumed while seated at tables provided.
  • No sitting, hanging on or removal of pool ropes or floats.
  • No tobacco products are permitted inside the pool fence area. This includes all smoking material, e-cigarettes (vapor), and oral tobacco (chewing) products.
  • No throwing objects allowed in pool area.
  • No large inflatable or non-floating toys allowed in pool.
  • Two lanes on south side of pool are for lap swimmers only.
  • No person with open sores, cuts or rashes allowed in pool area.
  • No person intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is allowed in pool area.
                       ·   Pool area is defined as everything inside pool fence, including bathrooms, upper deck,                                pool deck, and pool water.
                                                                                                                         Revised 04/17/14
                       ·   Pool deck is defined as deck surrounding pool, not including upper deck.
                       ·   Pool hours are set by the Operation Manager or his designee and are posted at the pool.
                       ·   Maximum number of swimmers allowed as posted at the pool.
                       ·   A first aid kit is located on upper deck by restrooms. Emergency telephone is located on                               upper deck by restrooms.
                       ·   Management, pool operators, security officers and pool assistants have the authority to                               ask anyone to leave pool area for infractions of rules or if an unsafe condition exists.
  • The number of guests should be limited to six; no large number of guests from parties, functions or outside organizations will be permitted.
  • When thunder occurs the pool closes for 30 minutes.
  • No prolonged breath holding