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Rules & Administrative Committee

Don Mau, Chair
Bev Woosley, Co-Chair
Rules & Administrative Committee Members: Larry Croutharmel, Dave Danson,  Robin Hammond, Doug Key, Dan Langley, Kay Lett, Chuck Lyons, Karen Messerli, Kirk Prather and Bob Vroman 
Meets 1st Monday at 9:15 a. m. - Cove Clubhouse Fireside Room
Agenda          Minutes

Archive Minutes 2021-2022
April                         October
May                          November
June                         December
July (no meeting)     January
August                      February
September                March

Archive Minutes 2020-2021
April (no meeting)         October (no meeting)
May                                November
June                               December
July                                January (no meeting)
August (no meeting)      February
September                      March

Archive Minutes 2019-2020
April                October
May                 November
June                December (No Meeting)
July                 January
August             February
September       March

Archive Minutes 2018-2019
April                  October                   Annual Report
May                   November
June                  December
July                   January
August               February
September         March

Archive Minutes 2017-2018
April                       October (No Meeting)
May                        November
June                       December
July                        January
August                    February
September              March

Archive Minutes 2016-2017
April(No Meeting)   October
May                       November (No meeting)
June                      December (No meeting)
July                       January
August                  February
September             March (No Meeting)

Archive Minutes 2015-2016
April                            October
May                             November
June(No Meeting)          December
July                             January
August                         February(No Meeting)
September                   March
The mission of the Rules Committee is to:
  • Recommend rules for the management of and regulations for the affairs of the corporation called the Spanish Cove Property Owners Association.
  • Study the need for change in the Covenants and Bylaws, and recommend any change to the Board of Directors.
  • Interpret the meaning or intent of existing Covenants and Bylaws.
  • When necessary and at request of management and/or Board of Directors, investigate the severity or extent of violations to the codes and recommend a resolution or enforcement procedure to the Board of Directors for final disposition.
  • Responsible for the organization, preparation, and modification of Operating
  • Procedures relating to POASC employees and the Personnel Handbook. This responsibility will include, but is not limited to, compliance with Federal and State of Alabama statutes relating to fail labor practices. Additionally, periodic review of employee job descriptions and salary ranges, employee rules and regulations, employee disciplinary policy, employee performance reviews and operations management guidelines for handling day-to-day affairs with the employee staff. Responds in a timely manner to all other administrative and personnel matters properly referred to the committee for action.
  • In addition to the Personnel Handbook and Job Descriptions as listed above, committee responsibilities include the organization, preparation and modification of Operating Procedures relating to Natural Disasters Emergency Plan, Security Patrol, and General Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Plans.