Nominations & Elections Committee

Dottie Mau, Chair
Nominations and Elections Committee: Karen Allen, Waynette Brown, Tracy Brown, Larry Croutharmel, Tom Groves, Kay Lett, Sally McKinney, Karen Messerli, Diane Milejczak, Nancy Scott, Barb Szathmary, Joe Szathmary and Beverly Woosley

This Committee shall be responsible for the Board of POASC and shall also handle any other election as directed by the Board of Directors.  Following the guidelines set forth in the POASC Bylaws Section 5.7.1, a slate of candidates for the office of Director shall be prepared in a timely fashion, with proper notices to the membership. In the election of Directors, as well as in all other POASC balloting, the Committee shall take all measures possible to protect the integrity of the ballot and ensure that an unbiased election is held.  The Secretary of the Board of Directors shall serve as the liaison between this Committee and the Board. Fulfilling certain duties as outlined in the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations; however, no Board member shall be a member of this Committee.