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Plans, Development & Maintenance (PDM) Committee

Rudy Wellman, Chair
Vice Chair
Committee Members: Karen Allen, Tim Blakeman, Bill Duncan, Pat Kupferer, Dottie Mau, Karen Messerli, Pat Reeves, Chuck Stahura, Carol Steely-Stewart, Judy Wargo and Beverlyn Tucker
Meets 1st Wednesday at 9:15 a.m. - Poolside Room
Agenda              Minutes   

Archive Minutes 2021-2022
April                October
May                 November
June                December
July                 January
August             February
September        March

Archive Minutes 2020-2021
April (no meeting) October (no meeting)
May (no meetingNovember
June                      December
July                       January (no meeting)
August                   February
September             March

Archive Minutes 2019-2020
April                     October (no meeting)
May                      November
June                     December
July                      January (no meeting)
August                  February
September            March

Archive Minutes 2018-2019
April                  October                   Annual Report
May                   November
June                  December
July                   January
August               February
September         March

Archive Minutes 2017-2018
April                       October
May                        November
June                       December (No meeting)
July                        January (No meeting)
August                    February
September              March

Archive Minutes 2016-2017
April                 October
May                  November
June                 December (No meeting)
July                  January
August              February
September        March

Archive Minutes 2015-2016
April                           October
May                            November
June                           December
July                            January
August(No Meeting)      February
September                  March
The mission for this committee is to:
  • Continually review current and future needs, regularly solicit POASC membership ideas, and identify candidate projects for action in a timely manner.  Assure that current and future POASC facilities/structures/general use areas are adequately maintained and improved or replaced, when feasible.
  • Develop POASC Operating Procedures to cover activities of continuing task forces, study groups, or subcommittees established under the Committee which require joint participation with the office of the Operations Manager, and/or other Committees to include such things as the review and approval of POASC Building Permit Requests, POASC Variance Requests, environmental impact assessments, qualified contractors lists, standard contracts and awards, and maintenance.
  • Propose changes to Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Covenants to the Board, when analyses, studies, or assessments so indicate.
  • Assure that the maintenance and development of current and future property (homes/buildings/facilities/structures/general use areas, etc.) within Spanish Cove preserve and enhance the quality of the living environment of the POASC membership, and reflects careful consideration of the cost effectiveness and environmental impact of proposed projects or changes.
  • Continually review future needs (nominally 2 or more years away), regularly solicit POASC membership ideas, propose candidate concepts/projects/studies/analyses for further action by this committee, other committees, or by the Board.
  • Provide information to the Board and the membership that will contribute to the enhancement or improvement of the quality of life in Spanish Cove.