Future Planning Committee

Future Planning Committee (One (1) member of each of the current standing committees excluding the Nominations and Elections Committee and the Internal review Committee and six (6) other property owners will be appointed to this Committee. The Chairman of this Committee will be selected from the appointees by committee membership.)
Co-Chairmans: Dave Bergsland (RDS Committee) and Carol Steely (PDM Committee)
Future Planning Committee Members: Patrick Crowley, Gerry Donnelly, Aaron Funk, Doug Key (Rules Committee), Pat Kupferer (Communications Committee), Diane Lyons (Finance Committee),
Vicky Massey (Activities Committee) , Laird Miller, Randy Reed and Deborah Wright.
  • It is the mission of this committee to evaluate the current environment within Spanish Cove and plan/project future requirements based on the needs and desires of the residents.
  • Develop, review, and update the Mission Statement of the Property Owners Association of Spanish Cove (POASC).
  • Review the current POASC Long Range Plan and using it as a starting point update the plan taking into consideration the current financial, social, regulatory, and environmental situation within Spanish Cove, Baldwin County, the State of Alabama and the United States.
  • As a by-product from the Long Range Plan (10 year plan), the committee should   also develop a Short Range Plan which encompasses 1 - 3 years.
  • Present the plans to the POASC Board of Directors for review and approval.
  • Review the plans each year and make any necessary adjustments.